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About Us

3dDirect is based in the Denver Metro Area, serving clients nationwide.

We assist architects, property managers and developers in bringing their new designs and ideas to virtual life. Our architectural background allows us to fully understand your design intent and present it in the most appealing form.

Your 3dDirect contact person will be the same one who actually performs the work, which translates into a fast turnaround time and accurate, spectacular results.

In case you are a local company, we will meet with you in person to go over your project needs and make sure that no detail is overlooked.

About Our Services

Photo realistic images will give your client a better understanding of a particular idea or design, which translates not only in a peace of mind, but ultimately in cost savings throughout the project development. Presenting your concept in lifelike, three dimensional renderings facilitates the decision making process when it comes to choosing finishes, lighting, furniture, etc. Our renderings can also be the ultimate marketing tool to attract potential investors.

Our services include:

  • 3D Renderings (Interior and exterior) - From an eye level perspective to aerial views, offering a photo realistic image of your yet to be built project.
  • 3D Overlays/ Photomontages - Incorporate the computer generated 3D element into a real life photo.
  • Colored Floor Plans - A simpler, faster way to visualize colors and materials.
  • Graphic Design- We are experienced in creating signage, logos and advertising material that reflects your design intent and targets your desired audience.